Hello friends, I am Tamanna Arora, author of this blog. I am a graduate and now a blogger as well. I love to talk and share my thoughts with people around me and so I decided to write blog. But, for writing a blog you need to have a topic, on which you have a good amount of content.Since, my mantra for a happy life is, to smile and to make others smile, I choose this as topic of my blog. Though before proceeding I was not completely sure about it, but something happened which made me sure. There is a small story behind this, which I really want to share. 

I was on my way back to home from my classes and usually I used to go by rickshaw but that day I thought of walking. In the middle way I had to take rickshaw since I was getting late. The rickshaw driver asked for a certain amount but I disagreed and started negotating with him. Finally he agreed to whatever amount I was giving, though he was not happy at all. Thankfully I realised that he was not asking for extra amount, he was just asking for his real efforts. When I was about to give him the money, I could see a  disappointment on his face, but to his surprise I gave him the amount which he wanted, or let me say which he deserved. On receiving he gave me a big smile and that smile encouraged me to start with this blog.

This blog is basically about what is smile, why should we smile,what is its importance and how to make others smile. Not only this, but I will also be inviting smile stories from all the readers and will be sharing those on this blog just like I did mine. So guys just be happy, spread smiles around you and do not hurt anyone.

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