Tuesday, January 31, 2017

How To Start Your Day? SMILE!

Everyone has a different way of starting their day and making it happy and beautiful. For instance some people chant specific shlok or perform their daily puja in morning to have a peaceful day, while others do some yoga to stay fit all day long.
Some start their day by reading newspapers and getting aware of what's happening in their surroundings, so others wake up and make a plan of their whole day. Also few people's morning starts with their household chores or office work and ends with same. Special mention to our parents, whose day starts with their children's happiness, tensions,worries etc.
Basically everyone has their own idea of starting the day, and like everyone I also have my own idea of starting the day.

My idea is quite simple, it requires no special training or time management. It just requires few seconds of  morning. The idea is to start the day with a big smile on my face, a smile which makes me forget all my sorrows, problems, worries, though not necessarily completely but atleast for few minutes or may be hours. This is a tried and tested idea. It all started few days back, when I thought to bring a change in my day. I decided one night to start my another day with a smile on my face and as decided, I did the same. I started my day by smiling whole heartedly in the morning, leaving behind all the bad memories of previous day. That smile in the morning gave me a sense of positivity that everything will be great in the coming up day. It gave me strength to fight all the negativity around me. Though that doesn't mean that I was smiling all the day, I had ups and downs but, at the end of the day I was smiling again and it was all because of the positivity I experienced at the start of my day. Thus, my day started with a smile and ended with the same.

Lastly, I would conclude by saying the way by which one starts their day affects their whole day and thus, the best way to start the day, is to start it with a smile, along with the daily routines people follow to make their day cheerful. This will help them to focus more on the positive things happened in their day instead of negatives. I hope this idea helps many people to make their day happy and content, giving them immense satisfaction.

                  😊HAVE A GREAT DAY, KEEP SMILING