Tuesday, January 3, 2017

What Does Smile Stand For?

Before starting with how to make people smile,the first question that comes in my mind is, what does smile stand for, what it actually means.
In search for the correct meaning of the word smile, I came across many abbreviations of the same, out of which I have selected four and clubbed them together to get that perfect meaning. So in a long abbreviated way the word smile says, that by smiling we can possibly see miracles in life as smile gives us strength to handle difficult situations of our life. In other words we can say, smiling makes it a lot easier to cope up with our problems in a better way.This idea of smiling in tough situations rather than getting stressed, should be shared with everyone,specially with those who are in need of this idea. Thus, serving many in life everyday to smile and handle difficult situations with positivity. Hence, saving these as sweet memories in our lip expressions and cherishing them forever in our life.Lastly it can be said that smile is nothing but a hope that everything will be perfect in our life and that we should just keep smiling all our life😊😁

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